Marine Conservation Projects #5

Coral Planting and Reef Regeneration: This is an essential part of our conservation work as this restoration process helps to repair and improve the reefs as well as improve the fish & marine biodiversity by increasing larval organism settlement and survival.  Underwater photography of biodiversity is an important part of all our activities to document not only what is there and what we do but changes to the reefs over time.

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bottle reef reef crest HR (5) (800x600)
Bottle reefs provide shelter for small fish and support for corals

Reef Fish and Coral Surveys: Here you will be involved with creating habitat maps of the area as well as documenting ecology, behaviour & biodiversity. We are studying the rare mimic octopus, sea hares, larval fish settlement, juvenile turtle abundance plus improving the coral planting techniques.

Shark & Ray Project: We do regular big fish surveys to find and documenting populations of bigger fish, sharks and rays. Night surveys, deep and drift dives are all required to get to where the big fish, sharks & rays hang out.  Our shark saver project will also be happening during 2016.

Scientific Survey dives

Beach Clean Ups: This is an essential part of the project as by conducting these clean ups you help to reduce turtle deaths and safeguard the pristine environment of the coral reefs.

Turtle conservation: Pom Pom Island has large numbers of resident and nesting turtles, all divers and snorkellers get involved in monitoring of nesting or population surveys.  Survey results show how useful the information is.

Science projects  —  Conservation projects 2016

We have many smaller marine conservation projects that individual divers, students and scientists are involved in. Please see blogFacebook, or google plus for recent activities.

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