Marine science class of 2016

The Marine science class of 2016 has started and the students are studying hard for the Cambridge CIE 9693 marine science A level.  The exams are at the end of April so lots of time to enjoy studying on a beautiful beach.

The TRACC classroom has an awesome view and a gently lapping sound as the waves roll up the shore.  For lessons we normally close the shutters so that the distraction of beach and ocean is reduced!

Marine Science A level class of 2016
Marine Science A level class of 2016

The students are from all over the world, Canadian, Swiss, German, British, Portuguese, Norwegian and Malaysian.  Thats almost a United Nations quorum!

snail zonation 012 (450x800) mar sci jetty snail practical (18) (800x601)Our first lessons have been introducing the topics of oceanography as well as lessons on taxonomy and practicals on zonation and communities.  We believe that getting immersed in the subject is important so we have got in the water by diving, snorkelling and paddling.


Our practicals are all in the environment and we watch ocean documentaries to relax in the evenings.

The students are building bottle and igloo reefs in their spare time and we did stop everything the other day to go and watch a pilot whale as it cruised past.

igloo assembly on beach (1) (800x514)

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