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seagrass ecosystem study
Seagrass ecosystem study

Intro to class of 2016

Zonation on Jetty

Food chains and webs on rocky shore

Measuring Beach profiles

Marine life identification

Biodiversity of seagrass ecosystem

Using Transects and quadrats

Marine science fieldwork
Study of biodiversity and zonation on Jetty

Getting good grades at A level


More about the Cambridge A level marine science course

Why marine science fieldwork experience is very important for a career as a marine biologist.

Some of the TRACC boats on a calm sea.
Some of the TRACC boats on a calm sea.


Marine science class of 2016

The Marine science class of 2016 has started and the students are studying hard for the Cambridge CIE 9693 marine science A level.  The exams are at the end of April so lots of time to enjoy studying on a beautiful beach.

The TRACC classroom has an awesome view and a gently lapping sound as the waves roll up the shore.  For lessons we normally close the shutters so that the distraction of beach and ocean is reduced!

Marine Science A level class of 2016
Marine Science A level class of 2016

The students are from all over the world, Canadian, Swiss, German, British, Portuguese, Norwegian and Malaysian.  Thats almost a United Nations quorum!

snail zonation 012 (450x800) mar sci jetty snail practical (18) (800x601)Our first lessons have been introducing the topics of oceanography as well as lessons on taxonomy and practicals on zonation and communities.  We believe that getting immersed in the subject is important so we have got in the water by diving, snorkelling and paddling.


Our practicals are all in the environment and we watch ocean documentaries to relax in the evenings.

The students are building bottle and igloo reefs in their spare time and we did stop everything the other day to go and watch a pilot whale as it cruised past.

igloo assembly on beach (1) (800x514)

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Costs for Marine Science A level

Accommodation, food, unlimited diving, 2 dive courses for a 14-16 week stay = £3200 ( Course is 14 weeks but most people stay for 1-2 extra weeks to celebrate and chill with their friends)

A level course & exam fee = £1500
This includes books, materials, lessons, field trips, etc.  The exam will be held in Kota Kinabalu during the last weeks of the course ( the exam dates are set by Cambridge).
Course starts 18th Jan 2016 but students are welcome to arrive Thursday 14th to allow time to settle in.
Exams for 2016 are 27-30th April
Nurul Yazid biodiversity of pom pom island Sabah
not a stone or a sponge but a frogfish. Learn about camoflage, foodwebs, water chemistry and much more!!

Alevel Marine science at TRACC

Marine Science Course schedule 2016

18th Jan  – Early May     Marine Science A level

(14-16 week international recognised Cambridge 9693 exam course)

The course has limited spaces.

Marine science course cambridge a level
Aquaculture practical at a prawn farm

REGISTRATION:Reserve a spot by contacting and paying a $100 deposit. First come – first served.

Do you drift along aimlessly when you dive or do you hunt actively for all the exciting things the marine life is doing.  We can help you look closer to see more on your next dive. Look for symbioses, predator/prey and other relationships between aquatic plant and animal life. Learn not just what fish and animals are, but how they interact with each other and the environment.

Nurul Yazid biodiversity of pom pom island Sabah
Camoflage – Can you spot the pygmy seahorse

Whats Included

Course participants meet in Semporna, Sabah Malaysia. Course participants stay at our Pom Pom Island beach camp. Unlimited diving, many field trips, plus unlimited access to qualified marine scientists to answer questions.  (Click here for travel information)

A level Course include instruction, exams, 2 dive courses, unlimited dives, food, 16 weeks accommodation, local transport & equipment.
More info on course
Cost of A level course

Participants all join the ongoing expedition and eat and dive with turtle or diving volunteers.  We all stay in our luxury camp on the beach.  (click here for more info on the accommodation).

Alevel Marine Science Course for Malaysians and Singaporeans is sponsored but competitive –  email for more details

Marine science course main menu

REGISTRATION:Reserve a spot by contacting and paying a $100 deposit.

Cambridge exams are held in Kota Kinabalu in the last week of April 2016, most students go back to Pom Pom island afterwards for a week or so to celebrate and wind down with their friends.

tracc volunteers and gapyear students on pom pom island semporna sabah malaysia
Fish market studies
tracc volunteers and gapyear students on pom pom island semporna sabah malaysia
Underwater studies
Marine science course cambridge a level
Rocky shore exploration