The Completed Conservation Shed


We are so excited to announce that our brand new Conservation Shed is complete!!!

Trash bottles
Plastic bottles wash up on the beach on every tide

For those of you who saw our previous post showing our creation in progress here’s a before and after shot that’ll knock your socks off. This pile of potentially harmful waste has been transformed into a quirky delightful little shed. Never again shall our vital conservation materials be ruined by the rain

Now they’ve been transformed into the walls of our conservation shed.

All the hours of filling bottles with sand was worth it and we want to thank every single person who helped out.

Tracc Art

Over the years we’ve made quite a few pieces of art. This helps us promote the causes we believe in, but also it is fun!

Here are a few we found just now when going through the archives.

A-Level Road Trip

The Cambridge Marine Science A-level requires students to understand how the different fishing technologies affect fisheries management and how that can be monitored. When you put these all together you get “ROAD TRIP!”

More information on the 2018 Marine Science A-level here

Our epic connect-the-dots takes the Levellers from coast to coast via every fish-market we can reasonably visit. It begins in Semporna and ends in Bandar Sri Begawan, Brunei. It’s over 2000km and takes us 10 days of coasts, rivers, mountains, beaches and fish markets. LOTS of fish markets.

More on the fish markets to come – here I just want to describe the road trip itself because it’s pretty awesome.

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5 Easy Ways to Help Save Our Oceans

As marine conservationists and avid scuba divers, we here at TRACC are passionate about saving our oceans. The ocean is the earths lifeline, as our largest ecosystem it is also our largest life support system. For all of us to survive, it’s essential to keep our seas as happy and healthy as possible. The task of saving our oceans can be pretty overwhelming, with so many different aspects having a direct impact on our oceans health. But fear not! Here are five small things you, and everyone, can do to help keep our oceans happy.

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A Snapshot in the Lives of the Bajau Laut

Before travelling to Sabah, Borneo I didn’t know anything about the Bajau Laut, their fascinating way of life and the strong connection with the ocean. Their life is vibrant, passionate and extremely tough. They are some of the last true nomads of the sea. The Bajau Laut are stateless sea nomads who live off the coast of Sabah, Borneo. Traditionally, these boat dwelling nomads are from the many islands of the Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines but many have migrated to Sabah, due to conflict. They have no citizenship and therefore no rights to public amenities, medical care or school. They live on their Lepa Lepa wooden houseboats or in stilt huts built atop coral reefs near Semporna’s islands.

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