Marine conservation articles

These are a few of the professional Marine conservation articles, awards and videos that we have seen about TRACC recently:-

Energy globe award and Marine conservation articlesTOP 3 FINALIST (water category) for The Energy Globe Award 2016 – OUR project “ Restoring coral reefs to survive climate change ” as one of the 16 most outstanding projects worldwide.  (Video

UK channel 4 News item Unreported world – The fish bombers (TRACC are the solution not the bombers!!)

Seven seas magazine – TRACC reef conservation  by Dave McGuire of Shark Stewards  

TRACC video By Nelli Hule 2016

TRACC video by Rachel Clark 2014

Issues and solutions for reef conservation at TRACC – Thanks Kit & Jason

Operation Sauvetage Du Recif Corallien (in French) Adventure Magazine Feb 2016

Borneo from Below video  Coral in Crisis from Scubazoo October 2015

National Geographic Ocean views by Dave McGuire of Shark Stewards  August 11, 2015

Clean Malaysia  Saving the ocean – one reef at a time  25-Sept-15

Brandon Taylor:  Coral reefs are being bombed – learn how one NGO rebuilds them.

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