Cambridge Marine Science course (A level 9693)

TRACC teaches the full A level marine science course (CIE exam 9693) once each year in 14 weeks from January until the exams in May.  This is an internationally recognised certificate and is ideal for dive professionals, gap year, pre university or career change.

Great results in 2016 – Only A*, A’s and B’s for the 2016 A-level class of TRACC!

TRACC had excellent results in 2015 including an award for the best marine science student in the world !! 🙂

Results over several years show consistent high marks – over 75% of students with top marks.  Hard work by students and teachers clearly works but the group, and the environment helps.  Many of our students left education at high school and are learning this course to promote themselves as great dive professionals or are looking at a career change.

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This Marine science course includes an introduction to marine biology, coral reef ecology and oceanography and is an ideal introduction to the physical, chemical and biological study of the oceans.

Nurul Yazid biodiversity of pom pom island Sabah
What is it (Taxonomy) and what does it do (ecology) are part of the marine science course.

Nurul Yazid biodiversity of pom pom island Sabah Nurul Yazid biodiversity of pom pom island Sabah

More info about the amazing biodiversity of the marine ecosystems around Pom Pom Island.