We’re Building a Wall

On Pom Pom, as on almost any beach in Sabah, hundreds of single use plastic bottles wash up onto the beach every week. It’s a serious issue and can be overwhelming. Day after day we clean the beach, then low and behold the very next day the bottles are back!

Once we collect all the bottles, do we take them to mainland where they may end up back in the ocean again, feeding a vicious cycle with a material that never truly breaks down? NO! We don’t!

Thanks to the creativity and dedicated work of our volunteers, we now have an ingenious way of using the endless supply of durable rubbish that washes up on our doorstep as a free building material.

I introduce to you THE BOTTLE WALL!!!
The walls of our new conservation storage shed are made entirely from cement and bottles packed with sand. Proof that if you are inventive and resourceful you can give common trash a second lease on life.