Shark & Ray conservation

TRACC is very involved with shark conservation, we are founder members of Sabah Sharks Protection Association and we have advocated for sharks protection and conservation for many years.

Blue spot ribbontail ray
Blue spot ribbontail ray and coral catsharks numbers have increased on Pom Pom Island.

Shark activities

1– Dead sharks in markets
Market survey
2014/15 (lots of dead sharks & rays)
ICOSmap conference – Mabul shark fishery

2– Live sharks on our surveys
Bamboo sharkswhite tip reef shark – grey reef shark – Big fish surveys

3– Rescued sharks
–  catsharks release in 2013 – night dive in 2015
Discovery channel Sharks rescue project 2016

4– Sharks & ray videos
Eagle ray on Pom Pom island

5–  Environmental awareness
 Awareness raising through SSPA —- website –   facebook
Biggest shark in Borneo (environmental art)

6– Shark conservation proposals

PROPOSAL — Protecting a Giant guitar sharks population.
PROPOSAL — Blue print for shark sanctuaries.

Shark documents (old website not mobile friendly)

Blacktip reef shark
Blacktip reef sharks, very rarely seen in Sabah except in the fish market.