Skeleton Shrimp (Pariambus typicus)

A 2mm pink skeleton shrimp rests on a hydroid
Skeleton Shrimp @ TRACC

No, Skeleton shrimp is not an ill-conceived Halloween costume concept, it is indeed a real sea creature. As their name suggests, these obscure critters are named for their skeletal appearance, and transparency.

You’ve probably noticed, these unusual little crustaceans bare a physical resemblance to a praying mantis, well the likeness doesn’t end there! Aside from their similar hunting style, after mating, the female in some species have been known to kill the male by injecting venom from one of her claws. Although judging from this photo the female has decided to tolerate her mate, as he can be seen hovering in the background.

The female Skeleton Shrimp carries babies in brood pouch until they hatch as even teensier versions of the already tiny adults, as seen in this image if you look closely enough.


Everything you wanted to know about Pariambus typicus