TRACC Science

TRACC volunteers,  staff and students are mainly focused on practical conservation:- protecting turtles,  building reefs,  working with communities.  Research based science is mainly done by Malaysian & international students/graduates studying as part of a degree.  Some of our observation and survey studies collect data which is useful to others so we publish the information.

Nurul Yazid biodiversity of pom pom island Sabah
tyre reef protecting small fish school. (@Nurul Yazid)

Marine conservation projects    —  SAVE SHARKS PROJECT —  

Cambridge Marine science A level course

Recent Publications

ICOSMAP conference Aug 2016 –  Participants
Paper 1 – Kit Wee Sien  Step reefs (Abstract) (PRESENTATION pdf)
Paper 2 – Thomas Gibson  Recruitment to new reefs  (Abstract)
Paper 3 – Mabul shark and ray fishery (PDF-Poster)
Paper 4 – Community conservation of coral reefs.  (PDF-Poster)

Older Publications