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Welcome to Tracc on Pom Pom Island in Sabah, Borneo. We teach diving and science and are actively restoring coral reefs.


Saving the ocean, one coral, one turtle and one shark at a time

We need divers to help us save a part of the ocean – no experience needed. We work with volunteers on the conservation and restoration of a coral reef that has been badly damaged by bomb fishing.

TRACC has been working on Pom Pom Island for 6 years and the change in fish life has been amazing. Our big fish surveys document what all our returning divers can see with their own eyes: the numbers of fish of all large species is increasing! Read more about what we do on our projects page.

Trips for volunteers start on Mondays or Thursdays for divers or snorkellers. We’d love you to volunteer with us and contact us for everything else.