Volunteer with Us

From a coral reef island in the Celebes sea, we run marine conservation expeditions  using volunteers to protect turtles, save sharks and rebuild coral reefs.

Experienced divers can jump right in and help marine scientists with reef restoration.  For less-experience divers, we teach diving as a tool to help anyone make a difference and help save part of the ocean.  We teach diving slowly to a high standard so that  novice divers can assist with the reef restoration and survey in easy conditions with shallow water, low currents and calm seas.

After developing confidence and skills, our trainee divers work with qualified divers on advanced diving skills as well as identification of the myriad types of weird and wonderful creatures. We include peak performance buoyancy for everyone, because working on our coral nursery requires it!

Snorkellers are welcome too. They can assist with biodiversity surveys and turtle conservation work and assist with bottle reef construction.

Typical Activities

We normally do 2-3 dives per day, with 2 work dives and 1 leisure dive (exploration, photography, etc). If the weather is suitable, buddy pairs are welcome to do walk-in sunset or night dives on the reef directly off the beach. After developing confidence and skills, trainee divers will work with qualified divers on advanced skills: learning survey techniques, scientific diving skills, improved navigation and buoyancy control as well as lifting and moving objects underwater.

On-shore, we build materials for our coral and reef projects, do beach clean-ups and there’s always a project or two on the side.

What’s Included?

  • Orientation and project inductions on arrival
  • Training on techniques needed to work here
  • 3 meals a day
  • Accommodation in tents at our beach-side camp
  • 24-hour support, safety and medical
  • 3G phone signal
  • Boat travel from Semporna to the island (arrival and departure)
  • Your dive equipment: mask, snorkel, fins, boots, BCD, regulator. Wetsuits, computers and lights can be hired.


  • Scuba Dive Courses. We teach the PADI courses right up to DiveMaster. Discuss your requirements with us when you get in touch!
  • Semporna to Tawau airport transfer for RM25
  • The camp bar, with beer and soft drinks


We like people to volunteer with us for at least 2 weeks. This gives you time to learn the skills and then make use of them. You are welcome to stay for several months or more!

Get in Touch

To discuss volunteering with us, please get in touch! Send us an email on info@tracc.org