TRACC Pom Pom Island


TRACC is not a resort, we are a conservation centre, looking for passionate like minded people who aren't afraid of a bit of hard work in order to make a difference. Our staff are here to help, teach and guide you, but we want volunteers who will be independent, show initiative and are self motivated. 

We are looking for positive people who not only want to learn, but want to actively help us restore our reefs and improve our camp. 

We hope you are willing to temporarily make some sacrifices and go without certain creature comforts, in order to be a valuable part of a team working towards a common goal.

It is also important to come to TRACC  with an open mind and be willing to learn about ways you can reduce your environmental impacts in your everyday life, and hopefully spread the message to friends and family.

Most of all we ask for you to behave in a respectful manner towards, not only the local people and their culture, but also to your fellow volunteers and TRACC staff. We like to see ourselves as a little community, and we would like our community to be happy, peaceful, productive and strong, because we need to be in order to create change.



Breakfast is self serve, we have eggs, bread/toast with spreads and porridge. 

Lunch and Dinner will be served buffet style at 12pm and 6:30pm respectively.

Our amazing local cooks are currently learning an expanded repertoire of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Meat will be served every second to third day, we are cutting down on our meat consumption in order to reduce our environmental impacts. Allergies and special dietary requirements such as gluten-free and lactose intolerance can also be catered for.


Self serve coffee and tea is available all day, with sugar, condensed, powdered or coconut milk. We buy our drinking water in big reusable containers from mainland, as our tap water is not drinkable (like many places in S.E Asia), there is plenty of free water available so you can stay hydrated. We recommend you bring a reusable drinking bottle with you. Canned soft drinks, ice coffee, ice tea and juice are available at an additional cost, along with beer and whiskey for the occasional sunset drink ;)   

Don't forget, drink responsibly or you can't dive the next day. 



Our accommodation is humble but adequate as we sleep in tents, and have shared showers and toilets. 

You will get your own tent to sleep and keep your belongings in. We have not had any issues with theft from tents, but if you would like some extra security we recommend you bring two small combination locks. Our tents are set up in rows under metal roofing so your tent will stay dry during a storm. 

In your tent you'll find a power socket, fan and dry box. Each tent has a single bed with a frame and mattress, all your bedding is provided for your stay. 

The tents have fly wire on the front and back doors so it's easy to keep your tent bug free. 

Each tent has electricity from around sunset until 7-8am, this means you can charge your electronic devices over night and have your fan going to stay cool.

Most of our tents are store bought 'dome tents' which are big enough to accommodate one person comfortably.

However we are working on brand new tents! Our exciting 'Cube Tents' which are unique to TRACC and are a more durable, spacious and environmentally friendly.  We are making the switch gradually since they are being constructed on site, so we can not guarantee you a Cube yet. It's luck of the draw, but we are very excited to soon be able to offer our 'cubes' to everyone.







Our working week is from Tuesday- Saturday. Sunday being 'Funday', is a day dedicated to fun diving and ,when possible, visiting surrounding islands. Monday is our dry day, meaning that dives will not be scheduled, this gives everyone a chance dry out their ears, eliminate all nitrogen from your body etc. as well as take a bit of a break, although diving is not prohibited. Monday is also our arrival day which coincides nicely with our day of rest.



Our day usually begins at 9:00 am but sometimes depending on the tides and currents we may need to dive earlier.

We normally do 2-4 dives per day, often with 2-3 work dives and 1 leisure dive (weather dependant). Diving is not mandatory, if 3 or 4 dives a day sounds like too much, then you do not have to participate in all dives. We also do lot of construction and work on land so there are always projects and jobs that need doing out of the water as well.

Every week we will show a documentary or give a presentation in the evening after dinner. Feel free to bring any documentaries you would like to share.





Turtle Walks

Fish ID

Fish survey

Invertebrate ID

Invertebrate survey

Coral forms ID

Hard coral collection

COT Survey

COT removal

Making Coral 'plugs' 

Making Coral 'biscuits'

Coral Nursery maintenance

Coral planting on Step reef / ARC reef

ARC reef construction

ARC reef drop

Step reef construction

Step reef drop

Reef crest survey ( fish and coral cover)




Despite being on a tiny island with no shops or bars there are still plenty of ways to spend your free time!

If you're a super dedicated conservation warrior then you can always help us with land based work or grab a bag and do a beach clean. We are always looking for ways to improve our camp so you can also help us by coming up with and working on your own projects. 

Otherwise you can do any of the activities shown in the gallery below including; kayaking, table tennis, playing cards, reading in the hammock, working out in the Poseidon gym, playing volleyball, the list goes on...